President & Vice-President

Dr. S.B. Sharma



President, S.R.S.D. Memorial Shiksha Shodh Sansthan

Education is not mere acquisition of knowledge but a process of manifestation of perfection already in man. The aim of education, undoubtedly, is the attainment of human excellence and perfection, not just in any field of knowledge or activity, but life in totality. I wish this organization will help in developing and inspiring young generation towards positive thinking and ultimately towards excellence. With the mission of binding all positive pearls in the form of children and youth in one unbreakable chain, we have moved ahead for taking our country on the path of progress and development. To uplift human psyche and awareness through this organization, I recall the spiritual vibrations of great leaders need to be communicated to the people of our country to expand their human consciousness.

Let’s all join hands along with the feeling of patriotism to participate in the movement of social and National progress through education.

Mr. Raghvendra Sharma

Vice-President, S.R.S.D. Memorial Shiksha Shodh Sansthan

Raghvendra Sharma


S.R.S.D. Memorial Shiksha Shodh Sansthan is service oriented educational organization meant for the holistic development of children, youth and teachers by organizing  a variety of programmes stressing skill as well as personality development along with the strong character formation  among  youth and children. Though we say that education is taking new shape and more people are going to be educated for last many years yet there are so many differences and discrepancies in the society on the basis of caste, religion, sex, socio-economic status etc. Education must help the common people to associate whole heartedly with each other and to equip themselves for the struggle of life. Therefore, there is need of transformation in the Indian system of education which could help the educationists in channelizing the energy of youth in positive direction. The society is meant to spread this message across the country.

I appreciate the initiatives of the President; Dr. S.B. Sharma who decided to publish the National and International peer reviewed refereed journals and educational magazine. I wish for the success of the endeavor made by the whole members of organization.