Procedure to be a Member

Alliance or membership with S.R.S.D. Memorial Shiksha Shodh Sansthan is open to all the individuals or institutions who would like to contribute their time and effort for the development of youth and children. You are invited to join a social and educational organization of dynamic youth dedicated to bring the necessary changes in our developing country.

Types of MembershipUntitled-1

The Annual membership lasts for 1-year and then it is subject to renew.

(a) Individual Membership:

Anyone including children, youth, scholars, women and academicians can be individualmember.

(b) Institutional Membership :
We are pleased to invite all the national and international organizations/institutions/schools /colleges to join their hand with us in order to organize various social and academic activities in the various part of country and we offer them an institutional membership.

(c) Honorary Membership :
It will be given to any person who contributes to the

advancement of the organization and itsmission.

Membership Fee:

(a) Individual Member: Students Rs 500/ year  (Rs. 1500 Life Membership)

Teachers  Rs. 1000/year (Rs. 3000 Life Membership)

(b) Institutional Member: Rs 5000/ year

Rs 15, 000 Life Membership