Benefits of Membership


  • Firstly, you will be given recognition of being part and parcel of society by giving a Certificate of Alliance or Membership of its Executive Council with your photograph attached on the certificate duly attested by the competent authorities President, Secretary and Executive Director of the society.
  • As a member, you can participate in various activities, programs and projects carried out by the organization in different schools, colleges and universities of India with 10 percent concession in the registration fee of the respective programs.
  • The Society is publishing a popular Quarterly Educational Magazine ‘Shiksha Shodh with ISSN-2468-3725 and a peer reviewed refereed journal ‘Inquisitive Teacher’ with ISSN-2468-3717. All the members of society will be given 20 percent concession in the subscription charges of both publications as well as in the publication of International journal UTOPIA of Global Education with ISSN-2393-946X going to be published in March, 2015.
  • The society will release Handbook of Annual Report every year in which the details of every member of the society along with their photographs will be published.
  • The active and dedicated members will be awarded in the annual award ceremony.
  • The Wards and blood relatives of the members will be given opportunities to participate in various Developmental Programs and events organized by the society at varied places.
  • The society will also organize the Events in the collaboration of Educational Institutional Members.