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01 - Copy  Shiksha Shodh (Educational Research), a quarterly journal  with ISSN-2348-3725 aims to feature the latest developments and best practices in the field of education. Its annual subscription is Rs. 500 only.

Shiksha Shodh


  • Scholarly Articles, Research Papers, Case Studies, Survey Reports are invited to publish in the first issue of International Journal.The word limit should not exceed more than 1500 including abstract of 150 words.
  • Report of different Programs like Sports meet, Cultural activities, Seminar, Workshops, Conferences organized in the colleges, Departments of Universities or by any Organization.
  • Award/Prize/Honor given to a person by any organization for his/her achievements will also be emphasized.
  • Any creative idea developed and implemented in education system anywhere will be availed to the academicians of whole country through journal.
  • A women/child/youth that performed an extraordinary talent in any sphere of life will be acknowledged and appreciated in our special column ‘Empowered India’.

This platform seeks the hardworking, sincere and dedicated people to associate & represent as a BUREAU CHIEF of different Districts and State of India.

To join EDITORIAL BOARD, mail your resume at shikshashodh@gmail.com or call us at 08171407448, 07088125965.

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