Projects Envisioned by the Society:

These projects are framed by the organization and forwarded to the Directors and coordinators to organize at their own places. These are very crucial projects which remain continue for long time throughout the states.


  • We have started a campaign to collect and preserve the knowledgeable, creative, inspiring and spiritual ideas of the youth, teachers, retired academicians regarding every aspect of life including teaching and learning. While associating the renowned educationists with us, we will record their presentations minutely so that they could be made alive throughout the world just like the actors of the cinema.
    • REASON: A Person with Extraordinary Skills in one corner of the country, is not known in other parts of the country.
    • OUR TARGET: To highlight those talents and skills by presenting them before the rest of world through our programmes, publications, websites etc.
    • WHAT TO DO: So, HURRY UP! submit your creativity here in the form of CD, live video, pictures , presentations and it will be shown in our different programmes at campaigns at various places to PROMOTE & POPULARIZE your skills and views.
    • WHO CAN DO: Any person can record the presentations or lectures delivered at any place and submit it in our library so that we can avail it to the whole world. While associating the renowned educationists with us, we will record their presentations too and present at other places.
    • 2. SATYA KA ANUSANDHANResearch for the Ultimate Truth- Human     Well Being
    • REASON BEHIND START: Indian educational academy is carrying a lot of research projects but what do you think about their relevance in our daily life? Does it seem appropriate to do a research only to get a doctoral degree? No doubt some of our brilliant research scholars carry result oriented research proposals and complete them successfully but what has been done yet in order to implement their findings by policy makers except putting them in racks of library for the coming scholars in order to review the literature and copy them.
    • OUR TARGET: To carry and disseminate our message of SATYA KA ANUSANDHAN throughout the nation, in all higher educational institutes, to the policy makers of education and to the teachers as well.
    • WHAT TO DO & HOW: Every research scholar must be conscious and think about the following while starting a research project:
    • Does the research he/she is going to undertake have any social, political, administrative, economical relevance?
    • Will the findings be helpful in order to bring any change in the specific field of knowledge?
    • Will it be possible for the authorities of our nation or policy makers to implement the findings at the ground level?
    • How can the research contribute to eradicate the problems of common people directly or indirectly?

    If a researcher could find the satisfactory answers to these questions then it means he/she is a true researcher dedicated to the welfare of the common man.

    3. Voice of Youth- An interactive platform


    • REASON BEHIND START: In spite of the abundant and varied possibilities, our failures in the right utilization of locally available natural resources seem to have resulted in nation’s underdevelopment and poverty. Another reasons are:
      • the youth get bewildered,
      • Discontinue their studies in middle,
      • Being jobless and
      • Get involved in hazardous practices like usage of drugs, sexual abusage and other criminal activities.
    • TODAY we do not have helping and guiding peers to keep themselves on right track because EVERYONE WANT TO LEAD OTHERS AND SUPRESS THEM

     “Responsible Leaders are not to lead the crowd always but to elect the efficient talents from crowd and train them to lead another crowd and so on…..”

    • WHAT WE DO: Making a team of enthusiastic, educated and self-motivated young people who have similar thoughts of helping and serving people by starting small campaigns
    • With a team of well aspirant youth we will introduce community based educational and awareness programs which would be vital to move towards achieving a confident and self-reliant society.
    • Through these events we aware the people about the various social, ecological, educational and health factors to eradicate social problems from roots.

    4. Project Tejasvi Yuva

Investment in channelizing the vast energy of youth in a positive direction is an investment in better future for us all and better now for young people.

  • REASON BEHIND START: To empower young people in care to reach their full potential
  • We are actively involving young people in decision making processes
  • Developing their understanding of democratic processes,
  • Encouraging active citizenship and
  • Engaging them in wider consultations with local authority services and wider organizations.
  • WHAT WE DO: In spite of letting waste the precious energy of youth in dharna, firing and other anti-social actions, if we provide them myriad opportunities to learn the basic skills that employers are calling out for, we can solve the major problem of unemployment.

We think best learning takes place when knowledge comes into practice and for the young people selfless service to society as a volunteer is the best way of learning.


  • Formation of Youth Parliament

                        The purpose of youth parliament is to realize the youth of our country that they have spark among them to sort out the minor problems which are dwelling in the Indian society just due to ignorance. Some of the minor problems youth face are: unemployment, haphazard job searching after taking degrees, lack of interview skills and lack of physical stamina in the digital era.

 We sort out these problems by following activities:

  • Introduction to Employability
  • Job search techniques
  • CV writing and layout and preparing covering letters
  • Applying for Apprenticeships an training
  • Interview skills
  • Practice of Yoga for Physical Strength & Mental Peace

We have a team of Dynamic Executive Directors & coordinators at national level; if you want to associate with us as an Executive Director or coordinator to uplift your personality as a whole at global level and to achieve the objectives of the society on honorary basis please send your detailed resume with achievements.