The organization envisions “an impartial society for children, youth and scholars wherein they avail opportunities to harness their full potential to become socially responsible and morally strong citizens who can serve others too”.

The young generation must be bold enough to face the unfavorable circumstances and their aggression must be utilized for constructive work and ideology. The most vital mechanism is to convert stress driven, drug addicted, physically weak and depressed youth into tough, confident, morally, spiritually, mentally and emotionally strong personalities reflecting extraordinary aura through face and eyes.

The organization wants to be one of the best educational institutions across the globe making education result oriented and practical in learning.


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The organization is with targeted mission to improve the quality, teaching methodology of teachers, and research and training programs in India. It endeavors for the development of the youth and children by taking this as its social obligation to be fulfilled by building capacities of the youth and children.

We are passionate to raise the standard of women also because it is her personality and ‘SANSKAR’ which reflect through her children and on which the foundation of a nation is laid. Therefore, it is necessary to help the down trodden women so that they could raise themselves and give birth to strong characters.