• To recognize excellence in the many outstanding individuals, state/province associations.
  • To set standards for quality education and show how they can be achieved.
  • To organize workshop, exhibitions, lecturers, meetings, seminars, training courses, exchange programs to further the objectives of the society to promote art, culture and social development.
  • To organize programs and interactive theaters on social issues to educate the public as well as public awareness promotion.
  • To confer awards and rewards to individuals and institutions for various achievements in higher education including social, cultural, political and literary activities.
  • To collect data, information , and carry out survey, research project, studies, networking to establish a data bank on socio-political, artistic and cultural issues such as fundamental civil rights, tolerance, structure and function of democracy, women’s rights, education policy, preventive health care measures.
  • To publish articles, research reports, workshop material, handouts, leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets, bulletins, books, audio or video recordings or any other medium of transcribing information on the issues pertaining to aims and activities of society.
  • To accept grants from government, agencies, authorities, public bodies, corporations, companies or persons, of money, movable and immovable property, donations, gifts, subscriptions, and other assistance, with a view to promoting the objectives of the society.
  • To establish networking and supportive relationships with the organizations and agencies having similar objectives for joint ventures and programs.
  • To promote role of youngsters in the development of the country
  • To learn how to participate in democracy
  • To provide awareness among youth about the effective use of communication opportunities with the help of social networking
  • To believe everything which can be seen or can be imagined is indeed attainable and possible.
  • To help in providing financial assistance to poor and deserving youngsters.