Benefits of Membership


  • Firstly, you will be given recognition of being part and parcel of society by giving a Certificate of Alliance or Membership of its Executive Council with your photograph attached on the certificate duly attested by the competent authorities President, Secretary and Executive Director of the society.
    1. Publication of ISBN books with 10 percent concession.
    2. Based on the experience in the research, inclusion in the peer review committees,  editorial boards of the journals.
    3. Exposure at national and international level by inviting as Resource person, keynote speaker, guest lectures at colleges and Universities depending on your experience.
    4. Opportunity to take position as Executive Director, Managing Director, Coordinator, Member of our various wings like Research and development wing, Academic Wing,  Youth development wing,  Cultural wing,  Community development wing, position subjected to your experience and interest.
    5. As an Executive Director and Managing Director the programs will be organized under your convenership in the region.
    6. In quarterly newsletter, there will be publication of your achievements and the cocurricular activities organized by you.
    7. You can organize the programmes in your inchargeship under the banner of our organization and the certificates of winners and participants will be sent to you with your name as signatory.
    8. You will be given concession in the registration fee of the seminars, workshops and other events.
    9. The society will also organize the Events in the collaboration of Educational Institutional Members.