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The Journal INQUISITIVE TEACHER publishes important ideas and evidence of education system and its related concepts. Contributions are invited to represent a range of disciplines, including history, psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and administrative and organizational theory.

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It is a peer reviewed refereed journal. After preliminary scrutiny,  the guidelines received from reviewers are intimated to the authors for the revision of papers. For Online life long publication, it does not ask for any publication fee from the Authors.

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 Aims & Objectives behind the publication 

‘Inquisitive Teacher’ is multidisciplinary research journal in the field of education and aims to provide a platform for the researchers, scholars, resource persons and practitioners to come together and share their research findings with the rest of the world thereby facilitating informed decisions which improves education system and society as a whole.

 4The objective of the journal is to publish qualitative research papers, interesting articles, new classroom teaching learning practices by academicians and experts in related fields.

4It also aims at giving opportunity to the novice teachers and young researchers belonging to the rural or educationally backward areas having sparkling ideas and wish t communicate them to a wider audience like the professionals, administrators, policy makers, academicians and students of various disciplines.

4It seeks more participation by both recognized and new researchers so that a dialogue could be created among the experienced and novice ones.

4It aims at developing reading and writing habits among the youth of coming generation as well as those who have practical knowledge but can’t express their knowledge due to lack of writing skills.

4As its sub-title suggests, the journal publishes articles on a wide range of subjects and of current issues.

4Subject to the professional standards being made, the journal aims to allow authors considerable freedom in how they treat their subjects.

4From elementary to higher education, the curriculum is divided into various subjects but even today the teachers are not able to correlate the subjects with each other.

4Keeping these aims & objectives in mind, the efforts are being made to progress in achieving them so that the old conception of India as a VISHWAGURU and UNITY IN DIVERSITY which has been fading for last some decades could be regained.            

   (Vol. I , ISSUE I, April 2014)                                                                                ( Vol. I, Issue II, Aug. 2014 )



                                                THIRD ISSUE (Vol. I, Issue III, Dec. 2014)