Volume I, Issue I, February 2016

           1                                                                        A Biannual Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal                                                                                  of Multidisciplinary Researches                           

                                                    ONLINE ISSN-2455-5835

                                                                 Editor: Dr. S.B. Sharma

                          Published By: S.R.S.D. Memorial Shiksha Shodh Sansthan    

                               H.Q.: 4/20, B 3, Shankar Colony, Near Police Line, Agra, U.P., India,Pin.282010            ………………………….Contact: 08171407448, 07088125965, Email at: srsdmsss@gmail.com

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 Dear Administrators, Academicians and Scholars, Journal of Research, Analysis & Development is an Open access national journal. The initiative of its publication is taken to report new perception and vision about the role that education plays in the development of human beings through intelligentsia. Published biannually, the Journal encourages the submission of manuscripts from the people belonging a wide range of academic fields, including comparative education, international education, student affairs, linguistics, psychology, religion, sociology, business, social work, philosophy, and culture studies.