Divisional Structure

To fulfill the aims &  objectives of the organization and to cover the working areas, following wings & clubs are made:


  1. Academic Wing
  2. Cultural Wing
  3. Environment Conservation Wing
  4. Youth Development Wing
  5. Women & Child Development Wing
  6. Sports Wing
  7. Rural Development Wing
  8. Publication Wing
  9. Community Work/ Awareness Wing
  10. Spiritual & Religious Wing
  11. Guidance & Counseling Wing
  12. International Peace Building Wing



  1. Swami Vivekanand Tejasvi yuva Club
  2. C.V. Raman Science Club
  3. Abdul Kalam Research Club
  4. Radhakrishnan Educational Club
  5. Vedanta & Spiritual Awakening Club

Working System of these wings and clubs

  • We have a team of State Directors, District wise executive directors and coordinators.
  • The proposals are drafted and sent by them to organize different events and activities.
  • These proposals are sent to the National council of the organization for approval.
  • If approved, the budget is sanctioned depending on the covering area of the programme.
  • If not approved, suggestions are made and again asked to draft.