About Us

S.R.S.D. Memorial Shiksha Shodh Sansthan strives towards continuous improvement, innovation in learning life skills and developing the dynamic and spiritual personality of young men and women. It would be useful for the development of society and ultimately of the nation by giving a broader vision of living life with views other than materialistic ones.

The society aims to foster an intellectual and cultural environment in which the spirit of serving mankind and developing a creative individual will thrive, research will flourish and the social, educational, mental and spiritual needs of the community will be served.

It is being felt that the education is only meant for getting degrees, diplomas and ultimately high salaried jobs with powerful administrative positions to rule over masses. This power is being used to crush the common people under feet. We want to create a visionary and VISHWAGURU India which was dreamt by great personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Acharya Chanakya etc., so that YUVA SHAKTI can be made constructive and creative, not only for their personal development but for the betterment of whole nation irrespective of caste, color, religion.  The society’s governing council has eminent personalities who will help the younger generation to identify their hidden potential and continuous flowing energy so that it could be transformed to flow in positive and constructive way.

Revolutionary Thoughts behind the active start

4. youth

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Youth of India has great strength to build their societies but owing to uncongenial social environment, lack of proper counseling and nurturing opportunities, following result occur:

  • the youth get bewildered,
  • Discontinue their studies in the middle,
  • Remain jobless and
  • Get involved in hazardous practices like usage of drugs, sexual abuse and other criminal activities.

Today’s youth will write the future of our nation. Not only the degrees and diplomas but learning skills through service and awareness are much important so that they will start thinking in a rational way for living whilst feeling themselves as important parts of this world.  Therefore, the organization is dedicated to the development of society and ultimately of the nation by giving a broader vision of living life, a beautiful blend of spirituality, morality and digital world and hence setting up a benchmark at international level.